George Clarke was born in Belfast in 1977. His first love of cartooning was a natural talent that he has kept up to this very day, has had published in books, taught to many children from Northern Ireland to the US, and put smiles on faces the world over with his personal and unique humor. From the age of 5, George fell in love with Hong Kong cinema, starting with the incredible Jackie Chan and his co-stars. This instantly lit a flame in his heart to one day meet his heroes and get into the movie business.


Combining his talent for drawing and action scenes, George finally set that passion alight when he launched his film company, Yellow Fever Productions, in late 2007. Without a day of film education behind him, George help set the Northern Irish indie scene off with the most ambitious indie film ever made in the country - Battle Of The Bone.


The film quickly gained mass media attention the world over, and, as George happily admits, was not perfect - it saw the team win the Audience Choice Award at the 2008 Freak Show Horror Film Festival in Orlando. A nationwide DVD release furthered the success of it all, and George soon kicked Yellow Fever Productions up a notch with more no-budget productions, his own DVD distribution label, and the Yellow Fever Independent Film Festival


With lack of support from the major funding bodies, George stood strong (and still does) encouraging many and inspiring film makers all over the globe to not give up when following a dream!


Even losing almost £15,000 worth of stock in the London riots (during the burning of the Sony warehouse) could not stop him. With a strong belief in what he was doing and in his team, George has continued to make Yellow Fever Productions the most talked about no-budget film studio in the country, mentoring almost 600 people to date, talking in schools from home to New York, and winning awards for his work at US festivals which saw him go up against projects made with high studio budgets and win.


The successful YFIFF has seen film makers and guests attend from around the world, helping George spread the name and dream of his work and company, along with meeting new friends and bringing forth collaborations for the future. Hong Kong based casting director and producer Mike Leeder, and Hollywood cult-film director (and legend), Albert Pyun, have since become important names connected with the festival and Yellow Fever Productions.


With no signs of slowing down, George has completed 6 feature films in under 8 years, made global media history with his 2010 Youtube video 'Chaplins Time Traveller' and inspired a generation in believing that anyone can follow their dreams!

In 2020, he managed to tick off another couple of things on the bucket-list, providing audio commentary and a video interview for two of his heroes, 4K restored, Blu-ray releases from 88 Films - Jackie  Chan's: The Protector, and Dragons Forever...


George currently resides in County Down with his 2 children Leo and Tobyn, and husband Kenny...




'Imagination is more important than knowledge'

Albert Einstein

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